Giavanna Accurso

Giavanna Accurso
Giavanna Accurso has engaged with the field of food and wine for over 15 years. She earned a BS of Horticulture while minoring in writing at Oregon State University where she also earned a Permaculture Certification. Through the Master Court of Sommeliers she earned an entry level sommelier certification which she has used in developing wine menus and educational staff trainings. She has worked in an array positions giving her scope for functional and efficient systems, staff training, and building sincere connections with guests. Her education and drive has led her to managing farms and gardens for an array of chefs all over the country and continues devote her efforts to sustainable and creative solutions. She is currently focusing her energy towards expanding a food and wine education program in the Willamette Valley as a Horticulture and Tasting room Director while pursuing a WSET certification.

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